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  • Three-component one-second observatorial magnetometer LEMI-025
Three-component one-second observatorial magnetometer LEMI-025
  • Three-component one-second observatorial magnetometer LEMI-025

Three-component one-second observatorial magnetometer LEMI-025

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472684.98 UAH
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Terms of delivery:

• Price: 15 600 euros (FCA, EXW) or 16 200 euros (CIP)

• Terms of delivery: CІP, FCA, EXW

• Terms of payment - 100% an advance payment

• Country of origin: Ukraine

Key parameters of a product:

• Mission:

The Ferrozondovy magnetometer LEMI-025 is developed especially for highly stable measurements 3rd a component of induction of magnetic field of Earth and their variations in the conditions of geomagnetic observatories according to the new 1-second INTERMAGNET standard. At realization of this device the main attention is paid to the noise level of magnetic channels, identity of amplitude-frequency characteristics of channels, the accuracy of synchronization of counting, and also temperature and temporary stability.

• Main properties:

- High resolution and accuracy

- Low noise level

- Guaranteed small period shift of the obtained data

- Small temperature drift

- Simplicity of installation and service

- Automatic control

- Replaceable Flash card with a capacity of 2 GB

- Satellite synchronization

- RS-232 exit

- 1-second and 1-minute data in the IAGA2002 format

- Deep suppression of industrial hindrances

- 18 months of a guarantee


• Main technical characteristics:


Range of measurements of variations of magnetic field, ntl, not less

± 4000

Range of automatic compensation of shift on everyone a component of a vector of magnetic field, ntl, not less

± 70 000

Permission on everyone a component, ntl


  on the display
  in 1-second and 1-minute files of data
 in the 0.1-second file and data on Flash to the card


Noise level in the range of frequencies (0.01... 1) Hz, ntl cf. quarter, no more


Temperature drift at measurement of projections of a vector of induction of magnetic field at change of temperature on 1 K (on each of axes), ntl, no more


Frequency range, Hz

0 - 3.5

Nonorthogonality sensor component, ugl. mines, no more


Frequency of sampling, Hz


      on a digital output and FLASH to the card
      after a digital program filtration

1; 1/60

Digital output

RS - 232

Definition of time and coordinates on GPS


Error of synchronization with UTC of time, ms, no more


Volume of the removable memory card of Compact FLASH, GB


Working range of temperatures, °C

- 5 ... +40 °C

Supply voltage, In


Power consumption, W, no more


Weight, kg, no more

     the sensor from 10 m a cable
     the electronic block with cables
     The GPS antenna from 15 m a cable


Additional information:

• Installation and training (it is paid separately).

Advantages before competitors:

• IAGA2002 formats 1-second and 1-minute data;

• High resolution and accuracy;

• Low noise level;

• The guaranteed low time shift of the obtained data;

• Shift on low temperature;

• Deep suppression of hindrances from network.

Shipping method
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Measurement range: 4000 "
Information is up-to-date: 13.11.2018

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