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Laboratoriya elektromagnitnyh innovacij, OOO
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About enterprise Laboratoriya elektromagnitnyh innovacij, OOO

The Laboratory for Electromagnetic Innovations (LEMI) was founded 2008 as a Ukrainian-American joint venture to focus on the development and production of high quality electromagnetic (EM) sensors and based on its instruments for the geophysical industry and science. LEMI is located in Lviv, Ukraine.

The mission of the joint venture is to produce the highest quality geophysical EM sensors with the lowest noise figure on the market, at competitive prices. The primary product lines are low noise custom EM induction coil magnetometers, custom fluxgate magnetometers, and magnetotelluric stations. These instruments may be optimized for use in marine and land magnetotelluric (MT) and controlled source EM (CSEM) measurements.

Based on the extensive knowledge and experience of LEMI personnel, the company is able to customize any of the produced instruments to the customer’s needs or to make new development in short time. With this new technical expertise and expanded production facilities, LEMI can quickly react to the market while continuing to maintain the highest quality standards.


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