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  • Ferrozondovy magnetometer (FZM) LEMI-036
Ferrozondovy magnetometer (FZM) LEMI-036
  • Ferrozondovy magnetometer (FZM) LEMI-036

Ferrozondovy magnetometer (FZM) LEMI-036

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

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• Price:

• Terms of delivery: CІP, FCA, EXW

• Terms of payment - 100% an advance payment

• Country of origin: Ukraine

Key parameters of a product:

• Application:

The Ferrozondovy magnetometer (FZM) LEMI-036 was specially developed for supersensitive measurements three a component of induction of magnetic field of Earth and their changes according to the new 1-second INTERMAGNET standard. Signals with the periods from 1 to 100 000 seconds can be also more collected with the minimum mistake. FZM can be established to wells with a diameter of 0,2 m and more. The sensor is installed on a suspended platform automatically to keep horizontal level.

• Main features:

- accuracy of the frequency characteristic

- synchronization accuracy

- temperature and temporary stability


• Main technical characteristics:

Range of measurements of variations of magnetic field

± 4000 nt

Range of automatic compensation along each magnetic component

± 70000 ntl

Permission on each component:

in 1-second and 1-minute files of data

in the 0.1-second file


0,01 ntl

0,001 ntl

Temperature drift

<0,5 нТ / ° C

Strip of frequencies

Hz DC-3,5

Output noise in a strip of the frequencies of (0,01 - 1) Hz <0,01 нТл

< 0.01 nT rms

Orthogonality component of magnetic sensors


Range of compensation of an inclination of the sensor


Selection frequency

on a digital output of the magnetometer

after digital processing of the software of the personal computer

10 in a second

1 second

1 minute

Synchronization error with UTC time


Digital output

RS 422

Analog outputs

Asymmetrical, ± 4 V

Definition of time and coordinate


Range of working temperatures from

minus 5 to + 40 °C

Power supply

12+3-2 V

Power consumption


Physical sizes


electronic block

Mm Æ160x360

402x160x91 mm


The sensor with a cable

The electronic block with a cable the food / interface

The GPS antenna with a test cable and support


6,9 kg

3,9 kg

0,8 kg


Sensor cable

to 50 m

Additional information:

• Installation and training (it is paid separately).

Advantages before competitors:

• High resolution and accuracy;

• Low noise level;

• The guaranteed low time shift of the obtained data;

• Shift on low temperature;

• Deep suppression of hindrances from network.

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 13.11.2018

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